11 Amazing Strategies On How To Make Money In Real Estate 

Real estate is a popular and well known field, and it is also widely known for the high amount of money that you can make in real estate. And there is not any requirement for a degree in finance to get started in this field.

Making money in real estate can be very simple and straightforward, but only when you understand all the basics. And today we will discuss some of the amazing strategies on how to make money in real estate, that will surely help you to learn some important factors of real estate.

But before discussing and breaking down the strategies on how to make money in real estate, First we should learn every basic aspect of it, in other words we should know what real estate actually is? It is very important to provide you a better understanding of the Strategies that we are going to discuss. 

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What Is Real Estate 

Real estate refers to the real or physical property like building, land, natural resources and any project of the land such as house, school, apartment etc. it includes the land itself and the building and structure on that land, real estate can be used in various purposes such as residential living, commercial activities, agriculture & farming etc. it is an important part of many economies and infrastructural development of a country.

Real estate is all about the places where you live, work and play. The major activities included in the real estate business are buying, selling and renting of the properties. Whether you are looking for a new home or any other residential or commercial properties in your favorite locality, real estate is the solution for your problems.

11 Strategies For How To Make Money In Real Estate

Here are the 11 of the best strategies for how to make money in real estate, and earn more money

Buy And Hold

This strategy is like letting your property to earn some money for you. In simple words, when you buy a property like a residential flat, then you can rent it to someone who is migrating to the city, it can be a steady monthly income for you and by holding the property, you are also increasing the value of it because of inflation and many other other reasons. This is a well known and effective strategy for how to make money in real estate.

Fix And Flip

To understand this strategy, let we take the example of you buying a old house, you got that house in really cheap rates as it is really old and need repairment, hence you bought it at very low cost then you can spend some more money on its repair, and after the heavy repairment when the house became like a new residential place, then you can sell it on comparatively higher rates and gain some more profit.


You can also work like a bridge connecting the property seller and buyers, if you are finding a very good deal on any property, so instead of buying it yourself you can find a suitable buyer for it and when the deal gets finalized, you can take your commission for making the match. This is one of the most widely known strategies for how to make money in real estate.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

In this strategy, the bunch of people collectively buys a property by contributing a certain amount of money and holds it for some time, until they get the right and profitable deal, and when they get it they share the profit according to the investment they made. This strategy is widely used in large scale real estate deals.


REITs stands for real estate investment trusts. In the process of REITs you invest your money in buying the small sections of different properties and projects combined, and the money made from these projects are shared according to the investment you made. This can be the perfect example for how to make money in real estate. 

Short-Term Rentals

In this strategy, imagine you own a house or any residential place at a tourist place location, and you are not living in it. So you can rent it to different tourists for short-short time periods according to their vacations, by doing this you can earn more profit compared to the long-time renter.

Commercial Leasing

This is just like renting your house to someone to live, the only difference is, in this strategy you rent a building for a commercial or business purpose, such as renting a building to someone for running a shop, if the locality of the property is at very busy location then this strategy can help you to earn high amount of money.

Real Estate Development

According to this strategy, if you have a piece of empty land then you can build a residential or commercial space on it and then sell it or rent it to the needed organizations and person. This can help you earn a big amount of money by turning an empty land into a useful and busy place.

Real Estate Partnerships

This is a big scale project strategy, like if you want to build a big shopping complex and mall but you don’t have the enough amount of money for it. Then you can partner with some other person or organization to invest in your project and take the share of the profit. 

Tax Liens

When someone is not paying the property taxes to the government, then the government often auctions the assets in the form of tax liens, you can buy these liens and can enjoy the profit from its interest and sometimes can own the property if the person is not able to pay the taxes to the government.

Real Estate Education

This is considered a very common strategy not only for how to make money in real estate but for any topic about which you have a good knowledge. If you have high knowledge and experience about real estate, then you can educate other people and newcomers about the pros & cons and tips & tricks that they can use in their journey and make some good money.

Top Real Estate Companies In USA

Here are the top companies of real estate in USA

1. Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty is one the biggest real estate companies not only in the USA but also in the world.

Headquarter: Texas, United States

2. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell bankers are also known for their big network in the real estate world, in both residential and commercial sectors.

Headquarter: Madison, United States 

3. Century 21 

Century 21 is also a well established company and has a big network all over the USA.

Headquarter:  Madison, United States

4. Sothby’s International Realty

This is a high-end real estate company, which oftenly deals in luxury property project and it is also known all over the world

Headquarter: Madison, United States

5. Compass

It provides an online platform services related to real estate. It is a rapidly growing company situated in the USA.

Headquarter: New york City

6. Zillow

It is mainly an online real estate marketplace, which also offers agent services to the people for better real estate deals.

Headquarter: Seattle, United States

7. Redfin

Just like zillow and compass it is also an online real estate marketplace, which has gained massive popularity in recent times.

Headquarter: Seattle, United States

How To Make More Money In Real Estate For Beginners

Here are some effective ways for the beginners on how to make money in real estate 

Educate Yourself

It is very important to educate yourself as a beginner, you can read books, or may look for knowledge online.

Understand Your Market

Also don’t underestimate the market, it is essential to fully understand the present rates of the property and its resale values.

Choose Your Investment Strategy

As a beginner you should take help of someone experienced in the real estate business, who can help you develop your investment strategy.

Start Small

Always try to invest small in real estate in the beginning to get a clear idea of the market and other important aspects, then start to enter more aggressively.

Location Matters

The most important factor is location, always look for the location where you get noticed by more people.

Budget For Expenses

Be prepared in advance about the budget up and downs through property taxes, insurance, maintenance,etc.

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Invest In Real Estate In Less Money

Here are some ways by which you can invest in real estate with very less money required

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is a very useful practice if you want to enter the real estate business and don’t have a high amount of funds.

House Hacking

You should purchase a multifamily property, which will help you to earn more through monthly rent in comparatively less investment 

Seller Financing

You should look for the seller who are  willing to finance part of the purchase price, it will surely help you if you have limited funds

Real Estate Notes

You can invest in real estate notes, which will help you to take advantage of the debt score saved by the real estate.

Real Estate ETFs

You can exchange trading funds focused on the real estate market, it is also a good way to earn money especially when you have limited funds.


We can say that making money in real estate is not that hard if you have some right guidance about the basic aspects of the field. Whether you buy, rent, or sell property you can make a significant amount of money in every practice. Even if you are an experienced investor in the field of real estate, you should never stop learning at any point of your life.

And the 11 strategies that we have learnt today on how to make money in real estate. Will surely help you to perform better through the journey and will guide you in all the sectors of the real estate market.

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