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Hi everyone! Welcome to the “finance counsellor” 

Writing for “finance counsellor” is a great opportunity for those who want to submit their guest posts related to finance and share their opinions, expertise, and ideas with other readers.

It is an excellent chance for aspiring authors to have their articles published on our site.

Essential guidelines

The main objective of any website’s owner is to make their readers happy and satisfied

If they do not make quality content, we lose the reader’s trustworthiness and have a negative impact on the site. So please follow these guidelines when requesting a guest article to speed up the screening procedure.

Quality content

As we read above, The main objective of any website’s owner is to make their readers happy and satisfied. That’s why we want quality content with interesting material to help us to stand out from the crowd.

Content length

All content on our site is carefully researched to ensure that our readers understand the topic easily. That’s why we want your article to be interesting and short. Your articles should have an 800 to 1200 word count.


Before writing and sending an article to us, please ensure the article’s subject matter must be financial and related to our categories. Your content should be original and of high quality.


  • Finance
  • Business
  • Banking
  • Stock market
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Start-up companies
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Money making tips
  • Mortgage and loan
  • Money saving advice
  • Corporations
  • Tax advice

It is not a complete list of all you need to know about the subject. You can also give us suggestions that are beneficial for our readers. 

Affiliate links

Guest articles must not include any affiliate links. That’s why we ask our guest authors not to publish affiliate links.

Grammar and structure

It is always good to check your work for any grammatical mistakes before sending it. Make a well structured content to organize your thoughts.

How to reach us 

You can send your topic and title to financecounsellor07@gmail.com. If your topics are interesting, then we will surely answer you.

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