Top 8 Things Costco Members Can Get for Free in 2023

1. Lifetime tire maintenance

If you want the tires on your car to last, you must routinely rotate and balance them to maintain even wear. However, you may pay between $35 and $45 



2. Hearing tests

Members of warehouse clubs with a hearing facility are eligible to free hearing exams.



3. Hearing aid care

Costco members can receive free follow-up care if they require hearing aids. Frequently, follow-up visits may be conducted remotely by smartphone or tablet.



4. Tech support

There is nothing worse than purchasing the newest gadget only to discover that it does not function correctly. 



5. Extended warranties

Costco will repair, replace, or refund your money up to two years from the date of purchase if certain electronic devices cease operating entirely



6. Delivery

Due to the gigantic size of many Costco items, you may expect to pay jumbo shipping rates if you shop online. Not if you are a member of Costco.



7. Returns

The store's excellent return policy is one reason for its popularity. Even if you purchase an item online, you can return it by mail for free.



8. Cash back

This last perk is exclusive to executive members, but depending on your buying patterns, it may more than pay the membership price.



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