7 Ways on how to save money for rent each month

Get a Roommate

Having a roommate or roommates who you can split rent costs with is the best way to save the most money.

Sublet Your Apartment

Consider subletting your apartment if you have time to move into your home or with friends before your lease expires.

Pay Upfront

You might be able to pay your rent in full up front if you can scrape together several months' worth of rent.

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Off-Season Apartment Search

Try to hold off on looking for a new rental until the off-season if it works with your living situation.

Negotiate Your Lease

Before signing a new lease or renew your current one, see if you can find lease or renew your current one, and see if you can find

Think About a Different Place

If you have the option, think about relocating outside of your city, less expensive area.

Work in Return for Lower Rent

In exchange for work, some alternative housing situations might offer lower rent.