8 Sandwich Chains With the Most Food Quality Complaints

1. Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's has been putting up quite a battle since 1983, when it introduced inexpensive subs and delivery services, despite the fact that the sandwich chain industry



2. Subway

Subway and complaints go together like peanut butter and jelly when discussing often criticized sandwich companies. 



3. Arby's

At this time, Arby's is as well-known for its roast beef as it is for the dissatisfaction of its customers with the quality of its cuisine. 



4. Quizno's

It feels futile to criticize a decreasing company like Quizno's, but there's likely a valid reason why this once-prolific chain has shrunk from thousands of locations



5. Così

Cos is falling quicker than the Titanic in terms of people's abandonment of sandwich chains. A stark cry from its former 127 outlets, the fast-casual brand now has only 27 locations.



6. Blimpie

When your brand name becomes best recognized as a punchline in The Devil Wears Prada and a regular joke in programs such as 30 Rock, you know things have gone awry.



7. Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain, like Sbarro and Orange Julius, is an endangered fast-food chain whose stores have decreased as the American mall food court has disappeared.



8. Portillo's

Chicago's Portillo's may be a renowned jewel in the land of hot dogs, but the sandwich restaurant also has its fair number of enemies.



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