3 High-Yield Dow Stocks That Can Be Silly to Ignore in 2023


For the majority of investors, the new year comes fresh opportunities. Last year, all three main U.S. stock indexes entered a bear market, and investors are hoping that


history will repeat itself and finally drive the wider market higher. However, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was less affected by the bear market of 2022 than the other main indices.


Compared to the Nasdaq Composite's 33% decline, the Dow Jones's 9% decline at the finish line in 2022 was far more favorable.

Verizon Communications: 6.31% yield

Verizon is the Dow component with the highest yield, at 6.3%, and should have little issue maintaining its inflation-fighting dividend with payout ratio of 50%


Intel: 4.98% yield

Intel purchased Mobileye for a little north of $15 billion in 2017, and it's consistently been the company's fastest-growing operating segment -- $450 million in sales 


Walgreens Boots Alliance: 5.28% yield

Walgreens has its greatest yield in almost four decades (5.3%). In addition, its base yearly payment has grown for an astounding 47 straight years.


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