Top Helpful Saving Money Chart Strategies

Saving money gives a way to save you from the uncertainties of life and provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a good life. But saving money is not as easy as it sounds. It is the most important part of financial success. Saving money can create a secure financial future and prevent you from having financial problems.

If you want an easy way to save money then the saving money chart is for you. The saving money chart makes your saving process easier.

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Saving money chart strategies.

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What Is A Saving Money Chart?

Money-saving charts are printable charts that help you to collect money for achieving specific goals like shopping, vacations, buying gadgets, and whatever you want. It will list the amount you are thinking to save for that day and you will track your balance when you complete the deposit.

It is a savings tracker for how much money you saved.

Saving Money Chart Strategies

Below are some strategies to get started saving money.

52-week saving:

This is one of the best and easiest saving money chart to follow because you can start even with $1 the first week and add an extra dollar every week.

Example: you save $2 in week one, you save $4 in week two, you save $6 in week three, and so on until you get to week 52. If you follow this simple money-saving chart, you will save $2,756 in just a year! This savings plan is perfect for your emergency fund and if you want to save for a big purchase.

Emergency saving:

Having an emergency fund is beneficial for your future. It can prevent you from going into debt due to unexpected emergencies. Emergency saving will help you calculate how much your living expenses are and how much you will need to save.


If your living expenses are $3000 per month, you will need to save $9000-$18,000. Focus on setting aside a certain percentage of your paychecks like 10-15% or a set amount like $40 to $60 every week to achieve your goal.

26-week saving

If you want to save faster then the 26-week money-saving chart is for you. you can save faster than the 52-week saving chart. You will save $2756 in six months rather than a year. 26-week saving lists weeks 1-26 and the amount for each week. You need to add an additional $4 every week until you reach 26 weeks.


The first week you will deposit $4, week two will be $8, week three, you will save $12, and the amount increases every week. It provides the amounts for every week, the balance, and a place to check off that you completed the deposit.

Saving $10,000

$10,000 is a big savings goal for everyone to hit. You need to save $833.33 every month. You can break it down by the day, which means you need to save $27.7/ day to save $10,000 in a year. This is the best money-saving chart to help you achieve a big savings goal.

House down payment saving

Purchasing a house is one of the most essential purchases you will make in your life. You have to save a sufficient amount before buying a house because it can prevent you from paying a high payment instalment.

If you want to buy a house in two years, then take the amount (whatever you want ) and divide it by 24 months. For example


$30,000 divided by 24 equals $1250 a month. You will take that amount and create your savings chart to help calculate your progress and balance every month to ensure you are on track.

Vacation saving

If you want to go out for a vacation then you have to save some money. Vocation is amazing but sometimes it becomes expensive. So if you want to prevent going into debt, create a vacation budget.


If your planned vacation cost is $5000 and you want to go within six months, you will need to save $833.33 a month, which amounts to about $27.77 This saving money chart will help you save for a budget-friendly vacation.

Dream wedding saving

A wedding is a ceremony of getting married, which marks the most beautiful, and exciting moment in life. It is not rare that the wedding appears in your dreams. Most people want to spend lots of money to have the wedding of their dreams, but you can have your dream wedding on a good budget.

planned an amount that you want to spend on your dream wedding and break it down into monthly savings goals, just like vacation saving.

Christmas money saving

Everyone is waiting for the holidays. Holidays are the best day of the year, but not for your money. The average person spends over $800 to $1200 on travelling and gifts at Christmas. It’s important to save for holidays. A Christmas money-saving chart is the perfect way to save money for the holidays.

Estimate how much you plan on spending for Christmas and how many months you have to save for it. Open a Christmas club account to keep your holiday money separate.

$1000 saving

This savings money chart helps you to save $1000. However, if you want to boost the amount of your savings more quickly, split $1,000 by the number of months you wish to save it. If you want to save $1,000 in 1 month, you will need to save $33.33 in a day. This is a great chart to get you started on your savings.

Tips To Help You Save More Money 

Tips To Help You Save More Money

We all know that saving is not as easy as it sounds. But here are some tips that help you save money.

Record your expenses

First of all, you have to record your expenses if you want to save money. If you can track where your money is spent then it will be easier to make changes and save money.

Make budget

If you know all your expenses, then you can create a budget. A budget helps in controlling wasteful expenses. If you want to know how to make an efficient budget, you must know the budgeting process properly.

Decrease your unnecessary spending. 

  • Decrease your unnecessary spending, like
  • Wait before buying something. 
  • Search for free activities
  • Evaluating the cost of eating out vs cooking at home
  • Walk and use cycle for go to nearby places

Set saving goals 

This is the best way to save money and set a goal. Because if you have a target then you work eagerly to achieve that target.

Invest your money in FD

If you get blessed with an amount ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 bucks then FDs (fixed deposits) are a great option to invest and save your money.

Give your money to your friend 

You can give your money to someone you trust a lot (your relatives, friends, family, etc.) because if you have easy access to money then you will spend it without thinking rationally 

Pay yourself salary 

Every person pays their bills first after getting a salary. But if you want to save money then pay yourself a salary. Because if you fix the amount to give a salary yourself then it will be easy for you to save money.

You can follow the above tips for saving money. Hope these tips are helpful for you


Saving is important for your financial future. Saving provides financial security, and freedom and secures you in a financial emergency. As we above read, Money-savings charts are printable charts that help you to collect money for achieving specific goals like shopping, vacations, buying gadgets, and whatever you want. In this blog we also discuss some tips for saving money. We hope this blog is helpful for you.


Que1. When should I start saving money?

You can save money as soon as possible. You can start saving with $10, when you first leave school and start earning paychecks.

Que2. What is the main purpose of saving?

 It gives you a way out of the uncertainties of life and provides you an opportunity to enjoy a good life.

Que3. What are the most important reasons to save money?

#Save for Your Emergency Fund.
#Save for Retirement.
#Save for a Down Payment on a House.
#Save to maximize Interest Rates.
#Save for a Vacation, Car, or Other Big Purchase.
#Save for Irregular or Recurring Expenses.
#College Education.

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